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Diana Scanlan, natural therapist
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Diana lives and works on Sydney’s Northern Beaches where she operates her busy natural health and healing practice.

Diana is a certified 21st Century Energy Practioner

She has a potent gift and healing ability enabling you to relax in the privacy of your home by phone or skype, or at my healing room in Avalon.

Having the intuitive gift of being able to “see” what and where your bodily health challenges are she is able to target the healing directly to that area for intense relief, and to bring the body into complete alignment by balancing your energy field (aura)

Diana also specializes in Stress Management and Wellness Coaching.

Diana practices meditation for relaxation and stress relief and has written and produced a CD with a second currently underway.

She also has a special interest in women’s health and has studied Aromatherapy and natural cures to help with Menopause (and beyond).

Diana is passionate about the healing power of Nature and the body’s ability to heal itself and gained a Diploma of Horticulture in her early years, where she worked closely with the Earth’s energies thereby gaining an insight into the powers of the Universe and Universal healing.

Diana has a deep understanding of human suffering and is caring and empathetic, giving valuable information to help you through your health challenges.

Diana is featured in "Women of theWise Earth",  an inspired co-creation between spiritual teachers, healers, natural therapists, dancers, poets, artists, mothers, sisters and daughters—women with a deep connection to this sacred earth and its creative feminine pulse.

Diana is the author of "Lessons From Your Last Life And How They Can Help You In This One" and Co-author in "The Change" Book Series.

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