Lessons From Your Last Life and How They Can Help You In This One

Lessons from Your Last Life

and How They Can Help You In This One

By: Diana Scanlan

"Lessons From Your Last Life" is an inspirational memoir, a story of a challenging childhood, chronic physical pain, despair, marital violence, financial struggle and ultimately finding joy and happiness.

Receiving insights from my last life as an American Indian child, gave me the inspiration, and strength to overcome even the toughest challenges, and to receive a powerful gift from the Universe to help healing of body, mind and spirit for all who are open to receiving it.

With practice, meditation and an open mind you will discover that if you look within yourself you can enjoy happiness, serenity and inner peace by learning Lessons From Your own Last Life.

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Book Testimonials:

"I had intended to write my appreciation of your book much earlier but I will do so now.
I devoured it in a day as I was so compelled by your life story I just wanted to keep turning the pages.
Your writing style was so clear, drew the picture for me so sharply without excessive words that I wanted to keep on reading.
Knowing you as a medical intuitive whose healing I have very much appreciated and as a local lady and one who grew up in U.K. where I have visited my daughter over the years, made a connection for me.

I so admire your strength and perseverance to keep going against adversity and the changes thrust upon
you in your life.  You never gave up.
Thank you for your story."

Carmen W.

"I have read your book, and want to read it again. It is so interesting because I can really relate to many of your experiences. I realized there is so much insight and awareness packed into a simple and easy to understand, down to earth language.

You poured your heart into it making it such a beautiful and inspiring book to read. "

Kevin H.