"For me, Diana is the Australian version of Caroline Myss, the well known US Medical Intuitive!
She has helped me through many challenging times both physically and emotionally. I felt incredibly supported during the separation with my former partner. Diana's healings and insight gave me great strength and good health to continue during those incredibly stressful times.
Diana has equally helped my daughter. A miraculous healing my daughter received from Diana occurred when we were in Bali several years ago. My daughter who never suffers from ear aches ended up with a very bad case and just two days before we were to fly home to Australia i'd exhausted most options.
I was deeply concerned as she was experiencing a lot of pain.
I called on Diana who assisted me immediately only requiring a photo of my daughter. The very next day my daughter woke up 95% better and by the time we flew home had no more pain or symptoms.
I was a believer before this, but this truly cemented my relationship with energetic healing and Diana's wonderful gift. I highly recommend Diana and am ever so grateful I found her. Thank you Diana."

Megan R

"That brain inflammation u cleared, I believe has been there for decades. The effect was like a small gnawing pain, that made my brain like a ping pong match. Anyway, woke up this morning and all gone. Feel like new person and at last naturally optimistic. Thank you so much."

Gregory B.

"I really feel healed after my session. You removed negativity left by patients. The healing is tremendous."

Rebecca A.

"I just wanted to acknowledge & send complete heartfelt thanks & appreciation for the enormous help you've provided over this last year & a half or so.
(During a time period that was already difficult given the repressive covid back drop), your genuine warmth, calm, & caring presence & healing energies have hugely helped me cope with what I can only describe as pure heartbreak, devastation, & emotional trauma.
Your healing sessions, insights, & guidance have greatly helped me through this horribly stressful separation & divorce process, so I'm forever grateful to you Diana. Can't thank you enough."

Tom G.

"Thank you so much. I wondered why I could cope a little more. I can't put into words how much I appreciate your help, I couldn't have gone on that way much longer.
You really saved my life."

Melissa B.

"I am so much better after my session."

Barbara J.

"Thank you so much, I am still feeling the calmness within my mind from my session."

Kaitlin D.

"Thank you with endless thanks for your extraordinary and beautiful help you have given me this year."

Ronnie K.

"Your CD's have arrived. What a beautiful gift. Thank you, I am now able to drift off to a restful sleep."

Caroline M.

"Bless you for all the love and healing you gave Mum. Her headache went and her spirits lifted tremendously."

Melanie C.

"I just want to let you know my heart rate and blood pressure has normalized and is Perfect.
Has been now for 2 days. I feel that my body is Happy.
Hope you don't mind if I call on you now and again as you are my best doctor and an Amazing Healer."

Debby C.

"Three things in life are most value able: Time, Self Respect, & Love"
" My dear Diana, It should say four things because I think a healing session with you should be included.
I feel absolutely wonderful this morning. Thankyou"


"I am constantly amazed by the healing energy and what it can do for our animals. What you are able to do is so needed in this world. I have six animals that wouldn't be alive right now without your healing ability. I've seen their transformation every step of the way and I have been so grateful I have been able to witness this."

Briony K.

"A Big THANKYOU, Thankyou, Thankyou! my beautiful Diana. I am feeling Wonderful. Much LOVE Debby "


"Thank you for a great session yesterday. I feel very good,no pain. A friend said I look radiant.
Many grateful thanks."

Sylvia W.

"Just wanted to let you know that I haven't had any PMS symptoms this month and even though my period came today (25 day cycle this time) I am still not shivering and I also have no nausea! It's very strange being hungry at this time but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I have also been able to think clearly this whole week, which is amazing. Normally I am very foggy in my thinking.

There has been barely any cramping too, only one instance which lasted a few minutes, so I am absolutely over the moon.

A massive, massive, massive thanks to you! I am so overjoyed right now, words just cannot express how incredible I am feeling compared to what has been happening for so many years."

Bernice K.

"I feel so awesome today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, you are such a blessing. "

Sally B.

"The healing you did for me worked wonders. I feel I would have struggled to cope with everything without it. "

Caitlin P.

"I am feeling brilliant!!!

I continued to feel the energy throughout my body on Friday and into the weekend. I have noticed so many positive changes already, including being able to breathe better!

I cannot wait to see where this healing energy takes me. "

Jane D.

"Dad is feeling so much better today! His heart rate has been much better also and more stable.
We are all absolutely thrilled!
You have an incredible gift and we are so grateful you have chosen to share it to heal others."

Jacklyn H.

"Thank you for the beautiful treatment this morning, I have felt so calm and relaxed all day.
Your radiant light and energy is so healing, I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to work with you.

Thank you also for the generous gift of your meditation CD, I look forward to listening to it to keep me in the lovely space you have created for me. Thank you for the advice for the breathing technique too, very helpful!!!

I look forward to my next appointment with you."

Deborah M.

"I hope my words do justice to the my incredible experience of being one of Diana's clients. I have many health challenges and have done for many years now, which means there have been many times that I have called on Diana for clarity and support. Without fail my calls have been met with a cheerful, positive and helpful response.
Two occasions stand out for me. The first was when I had cardiac concerns, Diana's diagnosis was as accurate as the tests ordered by the cardiologist.

And then, more recently with a diagnosis of breast cancer, Diana was totally accurate, professional, tactful and gentle with her deliverance of the news. followed with her calming, healing Energy sessions.

I did not need to wait for the news from the biopsy and the news was given to me with love.

I don't like to use the word, "gifted" for it implies there was very little done to achieve what Diana achieves,
I believe Diana has worked exceptionally hard to earn her incredible gift and does her craft justice by being the lady she is. I am privileged to know Diana."


"Where did she come from this healer in our midst?
This one who gently coaxed a straying nerve back into place, allowing free movement again.
Who grabbed a pesky obstructive congestion by the throat and told it to behave.
It did at once, and I at last drifted into a peaceful cocoon of undisturbed sleep.
Who is this healer who so smoothly pulls inflammation from my overworked, overstressed brain and body, banishes anxiety, restoring peace and calm?
As I sit and ponder, it comes to me that through a journey of many ages,and lifetimes with untold depths, heights and everything in between, she has come to be with us now, gifting us with her exquisite skills, spiritual knowledge and power.

She is Diana who hunts down the essence of a problem and brings solution.

How blessed we are by her presence in our midst."

Margaret H.

"Thank you for the session last night.  The difference from last night is miraculous.
A huge difference, the swelling is 80% gone now, and I can open and close my hand.
I am feeling much better all round.

Forever grateful."

Chris T.

"It's really a blessing to know you Diana. You are better than a doctor."

Henrietta K.

"What you have done was wonderful - reducing my pain. I am in a much better place since my session with you."

Sylvia K.

"I have read your book, and want to read it again. It is so interesting because I can really relate to many of your experiences. I realized there is so much insight and awareness packed into a simple and easy to understand, down to earth language.

You poured your heart into it making it such a beautiful and inspiring book to read. "

Kevin H.

"I had intended to write my appreciation of your book much earlier but I will do so now.
I devoured it in a day as I was so compelled by your life story I just wanted to keep turning the pages.
Your writing style was so clear, drew the picture for me so sharply without excessive words that I wanted to keep on reading.
Knowing you as a medical intuitive whose healing I have very much appreciated and as a local lady and one who grew up in U.K. where I have visited my daughter over the years, made a connection for me.

I so admire your strength and perseverance to keep going against adversity and the changes thrust upon
you in your life.  You never gave up.
Thank you for your story."

Carmen W.

"I just want to thank you again for making the time to give me healing last night.
I had the best sleep since June 2015 (when I first got sick) last night. I woke up a couple of times and saw the waves of energy moving across my head and just fell straight back to sleep again.

My nervous system feels much more settled today than it has for about 18 months.

I am so happy I have found you and experienced your gentle, kind healing and look forward to connecting with you again in the future.
I have tried other healing but none has been like what I experienced last night."

Karen H.

"That healing was remarkable... I haven't felt grief since."

Nerissa D.

"Diana is the 'REAL DEAL'! And, as an added bonus her presence and energy is like talking to an Angel. I've worked with many healers & healing systems so I feel qualified to offer this recommendation. After our first session, I broke down in tears. Mostly from her love and support BUT, because I finally felt 'heard'. She saw me - ALL of me - confirmed what I knew, could literally see every problem area, down to the vertebra (without prior knowledge) and she has the most amazing ability to hold a space of unconditional love and a knowing that all will be well. I cannot recommend her enough!

Part of Diana's work is to uncover & clear self-sabotage mental programs - SHE IS AMAZING AT THIS, I love her and I know you will too."

Katherine St. Klairre

"I wish I had found you sooner, thank you so much for your kindness and understanding and thanks to you I am now well enough to think about my future, free from the pain I have suffered for ten years."

Mavis W.

“Absolutely life changing is how I describe the day I was treated by Diana for multiple injuries to my foot (fractures, torn ligaments and loads of inflammation which in turn caused injuries to my knee and back. After just one treatment I have 90% less pain and injuries are well and truly on the way to being 100% cured."

Deborah G.

"Wow I felt Diana’s healing working on my back, it was a warm and glowing feeling and results were instant. I will be calling again in the future should the need arise."

John W.

"Amazing. After all the time and expense to see a doctor and then a specialist as well as having tests done. Diana can diagnose your entire body within a session, amazingly correct, heal and re-align within a very small timespan."

Jennifer B.

"The sessions are incredibly helpful. I can defiantly feel subtle changes and learning more about myself is priceless. You have such a lovely manner, gentle voice and kind attitude.. I love my sessions with you.. just wanted to express my gratitude."

Nerissa D.

"Another successful session with Diana. Incredible, this is true healing. Powerful."

J.B. Johnson

"I recommend Diana to everyone I meet who need assistance. Sympathetic, helpful, patient, knowledgeable and giving me greater confidence to face my future living pain free. Thank you so much."

April P.

"Diana has an wonderful gift which she uses to benefit all aspects of health and spirituality, giving inner peace and wellness. Thank you Diana, I will be forever grateful."

Karen O.

"Diana is a beautiful person with an amazing gift to see inside the human body & heal. She has treated all our family with incredible results. In particular, Diana has worked extensively on our 2 year old's health problems and the recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. We have recommended Diana to friends and family who also echo our thoughts that Diana is absolutely "the real deal". Her empathetic and kind nature, coupled with her incredible ability make her an outstanding medical intuitive healer."

Kate F.

"Diana is a healer of immense importance. She sends me healings for various problems, and they always get resolved after she works on me. I have rarely encountered healing skills at her level."

Elaine Woodall
Medical Intuitive and Healer, New York City

“Wish I had found Diana sooner. Would love to shout out to all who are having problems with injury or disease to give her a call. Results are so quick and diagnosis is amazing. Thank you."

Sylvia N.

"Diana brings with her such incredible gifts around creating a sacred space.

Before any healing can take place, a sacred context is essential (physically, mentally, emotionally, Spiritually)!

Diana excels at this!

Then, she has a beautiful understanding of how to move into (& interact with) that space. Once again, be it ... in the body, mind or heart.

It's like ... she weaves the threads of those dimensional layers together ... so that the Highest outcome is afforded!!

As for the healing itself ... her gifts here have been amassed over many lifetimes!

She is able (like a pillar of the temple) to hold the space & fill it with the Light of Love!

It doesn't matter (yes, 'matter' is the imperative word!) whether this is taking place, in a certain physical space, or at a distance, the effect/outcome is just the same!"

Sue W.

"Just got results of blood test from my doctor, he said ‘no trace of diabetes in your blood!’"

Sandra B Oak Park, IL
(On Alkaline Water for 16 months)

"Diana introduced me to Alkaline Water and I feel 10 years younger. I call it my body-springclean drink!"

Carlie Newbourgen

"Your magic healing has chased away my richety aches and pains. Thanks so much Di."

Fotini K.

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