Post-Menopause and Post-Andropause: Growing Older

To address challenges, and the changed you of life after menopause, can (and should) involve extra time and effort. this will be well rewarded with ongoing health and fitness.

Good natural foods, exercise
a satisfying family life
mental stimulation and the
joy of good friendships will help maintain your well being.

Many people at this stage look towards the more Spiritual side of their nature: resulting in an added depth and clarity to their lives, and a path I recommend without reserve.

Resurrect your old dreams and achieve the things you have always wanted to do. What have you secretly (or openly) dreamed of but have previously not had the time to achieve. You may feel inspired to give something back to the community, in the way of voluntary work, or in being a mentor to a younger person or people.

You have experienced life, pass on the knowledge and experience you have gained to help someone: it will, in turn, empower you and give a wonderful lift to your spirits.

Good Nutrition is now even more important. Substitute animal fats with extra virgin olive oil – your skin will thank you – it will become moist and supple. Have a massage, or massage yourself with wheatgerm or avocado oil – they are full of vitamins, and are excellent for mature skin.

Here are a few post menopause and post andropause lifestyle suggestions

Learn something new

Find a new hobby or interest

Join a group

New business venture

Rediscover your inner child, and use this discovery every day, it will lift your mind and your spirit

Learn a new language

Have a sense of purpose in your life - a goal – something to look forward to each and every day.

Stay active – exercise at every opportunity.

Laugh – it is the best medicine – watch a funny movie, read a lighthearted book. Watch a child, see how often they laugh. The statistics say on average 300 times a day, whereas as adults we only laugh approx 15 times. It is a great stress reliever for tension and puts everything in perspective. Some hospitals now have a 'laughter room', such is the healing power of laughter.

Laughter is also a great form of internal exercise, muscles become active, respiration increases. Your facial muscles, arms, legs and stomach get a mini work out. If you can appreciate one level of humour called the “cosmic humour” seeing the absurdities and paradoxes of life, a well known doctor has said, you are likely to be more flexible and able to deal with life’s ups and downs more easily. And it’s impossible to overdose on it!

Keeping a Journal
Do you keep a journal or diary? If you have never kept one, now is a great time to begin. Dr Bernie Siegal says journal writing is really a type of meditation and gives many of the same benefits. Write down your deepest thoughts, feelings, ideas, listing the things you enjoy doing can also influence the way you feel. Even writing down your affirmations (eg I am stronger every day) can actually make it true, the written word has so much power over our minds. Concentrate on what you write and write positive thoughts.

When you are feeling low or depressed, music is also an extremely powerful mood elevator, stress reliever and a great source of delight. Any type of music that you love whether it be classical jazz, or even popular music: dance to it, sing to it, enjoy it.

Reading can be a sense of infinite joy becoming engrossed in a wonderful novel, forgetting the stresses that are around us; or in researching a subject which fascinates you.

Celebrate Post Menopause! It is a new era of your life – A New Freedom.
Spend time and money on yourself.
Do the things which have, until now have been out of reach, or which seemed unobtainable, and do them for you, you deserve it!

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